XPRO VGA REDUCED2.12 17.11.2013

XPRO VGA REDUCED 2.12 is a gaming console specification with 33 games.

This version of the XPRO VGA gaming console includes the two old games Xlast and Xsquare (2000). Their sourcecode was recovered from an old floppy disk with a Win 8.1 tool.
BrowserBasic XPRO generates XPRO32 assembler code.
If you want to play the games in your browser (applets/BrowserBasic2.05dp/BrowserBasic.htm), you can use Windows 98 without additional software installation or Windows XP with MSJVM (downloads/gplusvm.zip) or JAVA 1.1.8 or higher. The MSJVM only runs with Windows 95 (Internet Explorer 4.0 required), Windows 98 and Windows XP. Other Windows versions aren't compatible to it. You need an Oracle JAVA version lower than JAVA 1.8 Update 20 to run the Astro Solutions JAVA-games in your JAVA-browser. If you use a higher JAVA version or Windows version, you can start an application version from the command-line (with cmd in Windows X, for example). The launch command can be found in the .bat file in the applications' folder, which can be opened with a text editor (right clicks may be blocked, opening not in Win X). The applet version can be run with the AppletViewer from the Oracle JDK, if the applet is stored at an offline location.
The Linux Mint 9 (Isadora) Live-DVD can be used for executing BrowserBasic2.05dp in Firefox, which is contained in Linux Mint 9.
You can also run BrowserBasic2.05 on your PC. Then you must download BrowserBasic2.05dp from browserbasic2.05dp.htm (deprecated JAVA API used, which makes sense for Win98 or WinXP) or browserbasic2.04.htm (BrowserBasic2.05 replaced BrowserBasic2.04 in the archive download, it doesn't use a deprecated JAVA API, which makes sense for Win X, the application is compatible to JAVA 1.8).
The original DOS versions of the games are available in the download archive. You may load astroiso.iso in an emulator. There you can find the DOS versions. Most games on the page "old download archive (1997-2002)", which can be found in astroiso.htm, are DOS-games. They contain executable EXE-files with the size of 30 to 40 kb. The programs from 2001 and 2002 are all JAVA-applications and JAVA-applets. Ten of the DOS-games can also bee found on the freeware.htm page in the category "Games DOS". astroiso.htm is located in the main folder of the astroiso.iso CD-image and freeware.htm is located in the folder "archive", which is located in the main folder of the astroiso.iso CD-image.
The ATARI ST mono versions of 12 BrowserBasic-games can be found in the BASGAMES download, which can be found in astroiso.iso.
There are versions (basggfa.htm) of these ATARI games written in GFA Basic, so they are compatible to hatari 1.8.0 (https://hatari.tuxfamily.org/download.html) and its built-in EmuTOS-image, since February 2023. They can also be run with Hataroid on Android devices. The 21 other, less interesting games are also available since October 2023 (basggfa3.htm and xsquarea.htm).
The downloads/XPROVGAREDUCED2.1.zip download contains the BrowserBasic XPRO assembler code generator and tools to generate XPRO32 bytecode. The bytecode can be run with XPROInterpreter from the archive. Most games don't need more than 1MB RAM. The BrowserBasic XPRO compiler runs under Win8.1, if the AppletViewer from the JDK is used or BrowserBasicApplet is located on a webserver (for example: applets/browserbasicxpro/BrowserBasic.htm). If the program is made compatible to a file system location, it is not longer compatible to WinXP. Other Windows versions were not tested. If the java console contains errors, the compilation wasn't successful. BrowserBasic XPRO needs JAVA 1.7 or higher and uses a deprecated JAVA API.

XPRO VGA REDUCED 2.12 is a specification of a gaming console containing one-chip system with keyboard and VGA pins, BrowserBasic XPRO compiler with 33 games and an emulator for playing the compiled games. All games are playable in the emulator, but for simulating the chip definitions in AstroChip, every personal computer is too slow. Single instructions and short programs were tested, but it is clear that there can be errors occuring with special data.
The XPRO VGA version is named REDUCED, because the space used for data files, buffers and pictures in the memory was reduced. Therefore the CPU works a bit slower.

Vergleich XPRO32 und Motorola 68000 (ATARI ST)

Register:8 (Allzweck)16 (8 Datenregister 8 Adressregister)
Registerlänge Bits:3232
Registerinhalt:jedes Byte lesbaroberste 32 Bit, 16 Bit, 8 Bit
Nachteil: Vertauschungen, Schiebungen
Instruktionslänge:32 Bitunterschiedlich
Programmlänge:Etwa 400 %Etwa 100%
Gründe: viele Opcodes ungenutzt, alle Instruktionen gleich lang
Vorteile: Ein Speicherzugriff für eine Instruktion und
jeder Speicherzugriff holt 4 Bytes von einer teilbaren Adresse
Betriebssystem:in jeder Dateiumfangreiches Betriebssystem (>128 KB)
CPU Speed:5 Mio. ops per secbis zu 8 Mio. ops (differiert stark)
Floating Point:1.25 Mio. FLOPSmuss simuliert werden
16 Bit und Conv
Anzahl Instruktionen:<64sehr viele (mit Adressierungsarten)
MUL/DIV:32 Bit16 Bit (32 Bit muss simuliert werden)
GPU:640X480 16 Color640X400 mono
Logik:keine Pipeline,auf Performance und Chipfläche optimiert,
Zuweisung anmehr Funktionsvielfalt
Einheit, Sync,
Zusatzfunktionen:Keyboard, MemoryKeyboard, Maus, Memory, Ports, Timer, Disk
Programmzugriff:SpeicherkarteBetriebssystem, Disk, Speicher, Programm
Resourcen:in Programmdateiseparat auf Disk
Sprung:Register=0->SprungFlags der letzten Operation, Sprung
Modes:ein ModusUser Mode, Supervisor Mode wegen OS,