BROWSER BASIC 2.05 9.2.2021

This is version 2.05. The version in the archive of BROWSER BASIC 2.04 was changed and replaced. Version 2.04 was from 8.23.2020.
String additions were included. The included games were changed. They use a buffer swap method and flicker much less now. The PIXELCOLOR=POINT(X,Y) function was included. The inserted variable TIMER now contains a system time in seconds. BrowserBasic 2.05 still doesn't use a deprecated JAVA API.

This version of BrowserBasic with 33 DOS-games doesn't use a deprecated JAVA API. You can start the applet version with the AppletViewer from the JDK or start "java -jar BrowserBasic.jar" after changing to the directory BBAPPLICATION with a command line tool like cmd for Windows X.