BrowserBasic is a BASIC interpreter written in JAVA available as applet and as application. The archive includes 33 DOS-games in BrowserBasic, which can be loaded in the interpreter.

BrowserBasic 2.05DP is a version of BrowserBasic2.05, which uses a deprecated JAVA API. It's not much different from BrowserBasic2.03. Some errors in the games of BrowserBasic2.03 were removed in BrowserBasic2.05, others may be inserted new, but the main difference from BrowserBasic2.03 is that there were compatibility problems visible in an emulator running with Windows 98. Although the application seemed to run under WinXP and higher. The compatibility problems caused currupt graphics after game starts. BrowserBasic2.05 is a version of BrowserBasic, which doesn't use a deprecated JAVA API and must be downloaded separately.