BrowserBasic2.05dp ( and the Linux Mint 9 (Isadora) Live-DVD

You can use a Linux Live DVD with JAVA and load BrowserBasic2.05dp with its web browser.
The linux version Linux Mint 9 Live-DVD (Isadora) contains JAVA 1.6 and the web browser Firefox. The CD-version of Linux Mint 9 doesn't contain JAVA. Newer versions of the Linux Mint Live-DVD also don't contain JAVA. You can download the Live-DVD iso file linuxmint-9-gnome-dvd-i386.iso from or find the file elsewhere. The 763 mb DVD iso file is from 2010. BrowserBasic2.05dp is compatible to JAVA 1.1.8, MSJVM (JView) and JAVA 1.6. So you need an older JAVA version like in Linux Mint 9.
The iso-file can be burned on a DVD or used with VMware player. If you burn it on a DVD and boot from the DVD, you must connect your PC to the internet with Linux Mint 9. If you use VMware player, just create a new VM, enter the iso-file location under "Installer disc image file" and select Linux/Ubuntu as guest system (Linux Mint 9 is based on it). The hardware normally doesn't have to be customized.
It is possible, that the keyboard layout of Linux Mint doesn't match. Then the keys y and z can be swapped (for example, DE-US) and they are needed for some games. Then select Menu, Control Center and Keyboard in the section Hardware. Remove the layout not compatible to your countries' keyboard layout and click "add". Select your country and select "Add" again. The change takes effect after selecting "Close".
The internet connection of your PC is shared with Linux Mint 9, if you chose the default values in the VMware player VM creation process.
So you can use Firefox to open and play the BrowserBasic2.05dp games and other games in the browser.