Astro Solutions FREEWARE

Astro Solutions released a lot of freeware games for JAVA, PC, DOS and ATARI ST. AstroChip 2.1 is a language for describing and simulating computer chips, which can be visualized with AstroChipLayoutDB 1.4. XPRO VGA REDUCED 2.12 is a system-on-chip gaming console written and tested in AstroChip. There are 33 games for it written in BrowserBasic. There are also some online and file tools developed by Astro Solutions.

Astro Solutions distributed the games on This part of the server was closed down.
If you search a special program or want to download the software archive, you can use the OneDrive link to the archive folder or download the whole software archive in astroiso.iso.

Jan Damberg
Alexianerweg 9
48163 Münster