Astro Solutions FREEWARE

Astro Solutions released lots of freeware games for JAVA, PC, DOS and ATARI ST. AstroChip 2.1 is a language for describing and simulating computer chips, which can be visualized with AstroChipLayoutDB 1.4. XPRO VGA REDUCED 2.12 is a system-on-chip gaming console written and tested in AstroChip. There are 33 games for it written in BrowserBasic. There are also some online and file tools developed by Astro Solutions.

Astro Solutions distributed the games on This part of the server was closed down.
If you search a special program or want to download the software archive, you can use the OneDrive link to the archive folder or download the whole software archive in astroiso.iso.

The software releases from 2018 and newer can be found at

Running the JAVA games:
[You can use the Linux Mint 9 Live-DVD for the JAVA applets compatible to JAVA 1.1.8]
1. Install free JAVA from
2. Download the JAVA game .zip and extract it
3. Start a command line tool (cmd in Windows X)
4. Change to the directory of the game with the .bat file
5. Open a text editor like notepad in Windows X
6. Open the .bat file with the text editor
7. Enter the content of the .bat file in the command line tool
You change to the directory of the game and enter java GameName to start it with this procedure.

Astro Solutions was started on 6.2.1997. The first game release was GALAXY (June 1997) for the ATARI ST mono. Astro Solutions is on the internet since November 1998.

Jan Damberg
Pater Kolbe Straße 14
48163 Münster

Ende der 1990er Jahre gab es auf meiner Homepage auch Astronomie-Infos. Mit der Objektliste für das 15X70 gibt es seit August 2023 eine Liste mit Objekten, die man mit dem 15X70 auch in Deutschland gut sehen kann.